Appalachian Stomp
Some days you gotta dance...
A clogging workshop brought to you by the Blue Ridge Thunder Cloggers
2016 Cue Sheets

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Appalachian Stomp 2016

Song                                                                     Choreographer                                            Level

AllShookUp                                                       Josh King                                                        Easy

Backseat Driver                                                Joyce Guthrie                                                Int.+/Adv.

Boogie Bumper                                                  Andy Howard                                                Int.

The Boys Are Back in Town                          Joyce Guthrie                                               Easy+ 

Breakdown                                                          Kathy Moore                                                Int.+

Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus                Andy Howard                                                Int.

Fiddlers Despair                                              Andy Howard                                                Int.+

Give Me Your Love                                          Paul Melville & Kaitlyn Hedrick                Int.+                                                             

Good Morning                                                  Beth Dunlap                                                  Easy

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride Easy          Paul Melville & Kaitlyn Hedrick                Easy

I Know (You Don't Love Me...)                    Andy Howard                                                EZ Int.

I'll Fly Away                                                        Andy Howard                                                 Int.+

I'll Stay Me                                                        Jayne Treadwell                                            Int.+

Kick the Dust Up                                            Kathy Moore                                                 Easy

The Love You Save                                        Paul Melville                                                    Int.

Monroe Dancin’                                               Mary Smith                                                     Low Adv.

Nobody But Me                                              Andy Howard                                                  Easy+                                  

Peppermint Twist                                            Mary Smith                                                      Int.   

Real Thing Both Pages                                Jeff Parrott & Tandy Barrett                    Int.                                             

San Antonio Stroll                                        Vicki P. Drebing                                               Easy

Signed, Sealed, Delivered                          Mary Price                                                        Easy

Sir Duke                                                            Andy Howard                                                Adv.

Stir It Up                                                            Unknown                                                        Easy+  

Think                                                                  Andy Howard                                                Int.  

Thriller                                                               Andy Howard                                                Int.