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Appalachian Stomp 2017

Song                                                                     Choreographer                                            Level

All Around the World                                       Morgan Hudson                                          Beginner+

The Armadillo Song                                         Josh King/taught by Beth Dunlap        Easy

Bad Romance                                                    Josh King                                                        Intermediate+

Beautiful Day                                                    Lynn Grassi                                                    Beginner

Can I Get A Moment                                        Josh King                                                        Advanced

Clogging Time                                                    Morgan Hudson                                           Beginner+

Craving You                                                        Morgan Hudson                                           Intermediate

Dance to Tipperary                                         Morgan Hudson                                           Beginner+

Feel It                                                                    Beth Dunlap                                                  Beginner

Give Me One More Time                                Morgan Hudson                                            Easy Intermediate

Good Day For Marrying You                        Mary Price                                                       Beginner

Good Time Good Life                                    Kathy Moore                                                   High Intermediate

Happy Dance                                                   Joyce Guthrie                                                 Intermediate+

House Party                                                      Lynn Grassi                                                     Easy Beginner

Leaving Town                                                    Jayne Treadwell                                            Intermediate

Little Piece of Heaven                                    Mary Price                                                       Beginner

Old Church Choir                                           Joyce Guthrie                                                 Beginner

Ring On Every Finger                                    Morgan Hudson                                             Intermediate

The Safety Dance                                          Mary Smith                                                      Intermediate

Stuck                                                                  Josh King                                                         Intermediate

Take You Away                                               Josh King                                                         Beginner +

Tu_Compania                                                   Josh King                                                         Intermediate

Wake Up Little Susie                                    Mary Smith                                                      Beginner

Appalachian Stomp
2017 Cue Sheets