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Appalachian Stomp 2023

Song                                                                     Choreographer                            Level

Battle of New Orleans                                    Janet Sileo                                    Beginner

Better When I'm Dancin'                                Joyce Guthrie                                Intermediate+

Busy City                                                            Kathy Moore                                High Intermediate

Game of Love                                                    Morgan Hudson                           Intermediate

Grandma's Feather Bed                                Thomas Sileo                                 Beginner

High Heels                                                          Morgan Hudson                           Intermediate

I Do Thing                                                          Jayne Treadwell                           High Intermediate

I Need You                                                          Lynn Grassi                                   Intermediate+ Line

Jingle All the Way                                            Barb Elko                                       Beginner

Memory Lane                                                    Morgan Hudson                           Intermediate

Men In Black                                                     Tiffany Hetherington                 Beginner Hip Hop

My Home In Virginia                                        Morgan Hudson                           Intermediate

Set Me Free                                                      Morgan Hudson                           Intermediate

Welcome to Fist City                                       Pam Smiley                                    Intermediate

Appalachian Stomp
2023 Cue Sheets